Tattoo Artists/Rates

Each of the artists at Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery have their own rates, styles and approaches to creating your tattoo.

Dave Meek (he/him)

Dave has been tattooing since 2007 in Tucson Arizona.



Molly Jaffee (she/her)

When Molly was six years old she suffered second and third degree burns on 25% of her body in a burn accident resulting in some serious scarring. A strong impression was then imprinted on her regarding the psychological and spiritual interconnectedness of the body and the stories it holds. Covering one of her scars, her first tattoo showed her the transformative and empowering gifts of tattooing.

Always an avid artist her side jobs were always face-painting at children’s parties and doing henna “tattoos” for older friends. 

At seventeen she was introduced to tattooing through the stories of Mike McDowell and at eighteen she began her apprenticeship at Fast Lane Tattoo. Continuing on as an artist at Fast Lane for another year and a half, Molly contributed her talents and began making a name for herself in the Tucson tattoo scene. After another year she was then invited to join Art & Sol.

Giving her clients pieces they love and illustrating whatever stories they want their bodies to tell is what inspires her. Sometimes though, a tattoo is just a tattoo!

Molly charges 100/hour with a 1 hour minimum. Molly does require a deposit of $50 or $100 depending on the scale of the project. You can schedule a consultation with her by calling or texting the shop at 520-314-7358

Check out Molly’s Instagram Portfolio Here

Johnna Warren ( she/her)

Johnna has been working behind the scenes of the tattoo industry for nearly 12 years supporting her husband David’s passion for traveling, shenanigans and producing exceptional tattoos. Opening Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery with David has been one of her proudest ventures as it has allowed her to finally work face to face with local artists, customers and tattooers alike. When you call or text the studio, Johnna is your first line of communication and manages all of our artists busy schedules. 
Her love of visual art has come to life in the local focused art gallery at Art and Sol, where she hosts a different Tucson Artist Reception every month! Check our Artists/Events page to stay up to date on all the excitement.
A registered yoga instructor at 500 hours, when Johnna isn’t sitting behind our front desk juggling hats or wandering about the exceptionally clean studio without shoes, you can find her teaching yoga or attending a public class at YogaOasis. In her classes, she is known to challenge her students with a smile and tell a joke at the most inopportune time to keep the practice lighthearted. 
As a mother of one human (Miela Raye) and three obnoxious dogs (Augie, Kimber and Papi) Johnna understands how difficult it can be to make time to do something extra for yourself and takes pride in making sure your experience at Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery exceeds your expectations time and time again. 


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