Our Client Reviews

“Art and Sol is a tattoo gallery unlike any other. I just finished my 27 hour sleeve, and there is a reason why they only have 5 star reviews. Art and Sol not only offers the best tattoo work coming out of any shop in Tucson, they also provide an amazing and unforgettable experience.”

– Cameron Jones

“My experience at Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery was perfect. It was my first tattoo, and I had a consultation beforehand to go over the design and placement. My artist was Molly, and she was extremely helpful in giving me her expert opinion while allowing me to give my input, so the design was exactly what I wanted. She drew it for me with multiple options so I could figure out what was best. On the day of the tattoo appointment she was very kind to make sure I was comfortable and ready to get it done, the shop was clean and friendly, and everything went well. I received emails after the appointment to follow up with the aftercare instructions that she gave me too. I will definitely be coming back here for my future tattoos.”

– Sophia Crevelt

“They were professional and kind. I was able to have a safe space to share my story and describe what I wanted in my memorial tattoo. David brought through so much beauty in my piece that it brought me to tears. Their facility is clean and organized and everyone is a part of the process like a family. I would highly recommend them to anyone that asks.”

– Christina Hunter

“If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing, professional atmosphere, where people do amazing work (I got to see other artists work in the parlor being done while I was there too, I’d happily let any of them do work on me). … this is the place to be, it’s worth the wait. Can’t wait for my next session!”

– Rick Pace

“Art and Sol Tattoo gallery is a private, by appointment tattoo shop and art gallery. They normally exhibit local artists but will feature artists from all over the US. David Meek is the owner and is one of the most talented artists I have ever known. The atmosphere is inviting and makes you feel like the focus and not just a dollar sign walking in. Molly is another great artist who has a unique style and together they are growing new talented artists. The Godmother, Johnna runs the show. She creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere that makes you want to make this your home for tattoos. Give them a shot and then visit Pie-zanos next door.

– Michael Eric B.

“There is so much to share about this place, that it is difficult to put into words. I have never felt so welcomed in a tattoo shop. But I realized that Art and Sol is not your typical tattoo shop, it is a true art gallery. They have local artist display their art work and hold receptions. You feel the sense of community when you walk in and are embraced by the owner David Meek and my tattoo artist Molly. I followed Molly to Art and Sol and I am so excited to join her in an environment like Art and Sol. It is truly a place built for the community, conversations are rich and you are not just a customer there. I feel like so much more!”

– Yshelle Barraza

“Dave and Johnna have such a great operation, their staff is friendly and informative, their prices are very reasonable, Dave is easy-going and makes you feel comfortable when you’re in the chair/on the table. The quality of the work is unparalleled; another 5 star review for their books!”

– Mitch

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