Local Artists and Events

The Art Gallery at Art and Sol Tattoo showcases an array of local Tucson artists on a monthly basis, offering artist Reception Events open to the public. Nestled in our intimate hallway with rustic fixtures, you’ll find prints and original pieces available for both viewing and purchase.

Be sure to check out our newest collection at your next tattoo appointment or contact us at 520.314.7358 to schedule your time to visit us!

The Gallery Entrance at Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery

Interested in showing your artwork with us? Contact our Director of Heart – Johnna, at 520.314.7358 or email her at www.artandsoltattoo@gmail.com.

Current Featured Artists

Natasha Riccio She/They

Natasha is a desert lover, plant ecologist, and herbalist, whose interests and passions are depicted
in their artwork. They have been based in the Southwest for the past eight years; most of those
years have been spent between the coast of the Gulf of California in Sonora, Mexico, and up into
the high deserts of Northern Arizona. Their work portrays the landscapes and flora of these
places that Natasha has been immersed in. Painting and drawing became another medium for
them to express their love for desert plants and develop a deeper sense of place in these
landscapes. Natasha is also currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Arizona and seeks to
conduct research at the intersections of plant conservation and human-plant relationships.

Icela Fimbres

Icela Fimbres is a self taught artist who currently resides in Tucson Az with her husband Daniel and two dogs, Zeppelin and Jude. 

She grew up in Douglas where she participated in local art events and displayed work in Bisbee. Currently her work is displayed at Tucson Coffee Roasters where she also instructs paint classes. 

Icela works with multiple mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, graphite, ceramics, and photography. 

Previous Artist Receptions

Serena McRae

An ADHD and Mental Health Awareness art show. Serena included written commentary for every piece of work to share about her experience with Bipolar Depression, Mania, Anxiety, ADHD and Postpartum Depression. With this collection, Serena is hoping to not just tell you what it’s like to live with mental illness but also to show you through her art in originals, prints, tees, affirmation decks and merch!

Caitlyn Swift

An Arizona based visual artist focusing primarily on oil painting and 2D media. Swift was awarded with Best of Drawing and Best of Painting by the Luis Bernal Gallery before entering the University of Arizona in 2018, going on to earn her bachelor’s in fine arts, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2020.

Serena McRae

A Tucson native, a wife and mother, who has had a creative and entrepreneurial heart since childhood, Serena fell in love with watercolors because it can be as precise or as unpredictable as the artist desires it to be. After her intense experience with Postpartum Depression, Serena now focuses her artistic energy towards uplifting women.

Gina Becca

Inspired by the peculiarities of both Fauna and Flora and her relationship with nature in the Sonoran Desert. “I study the female form, the connection between all of these organics; my body, the plants, the animals. The desert is a strong and powerful woman with both wrath and sweet nourishment, a sanctuary for human spirit. “

Wallace Book

As a multimedia artist and musician, Book was raised near the Navajo reservation throughout northern Arizona. Now residing in Tucson where he has worked for the past 12 years, his body of work is a communal journey that expresses his lifelong love for comic books, TV, film, and music. Ubiquitous in crossovers, Book often integrates separate fictional narratives into one composition, occasionally using the backdrop of various Tucson landmarks.

Molly Kiely

She works primarily with ink on paper. She can often be found oil painting in the Ironwood National Monument, or out of her other 50-year-old trailer, Crooked Sky Studio, in the foothills of the Tortolita mountains.

Molly’s comics include the Diary of a Dominatrix and Saucy Little Tart series, published between 1993 and 1997, and the graphic novels That Kind of Girl and Tecopa Jane published in 1999 and 2003 by the Eros imprint of Fantagraphics.