Tucson Az is known for a lot of great things. A couple of our favorite are the abundance of art and sunshine. Hence the obvious choice to name our studio…. Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery

Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery is Tucson Arizonas first local focused art gallery and appointment only tattoo studio blurring the lines between skin and canvas.

Inside our walls you will find a space that allows our tattoo artists the ability to focus on their artistic strengths. Inspiring each other to create their best works. We believe great art comes from happy artists. Making sure our resident tattooers have only their current works to focus on and leaving the rest of the daily distractions for the support staff to worry about.

We handle all supply ordering, scheduling, marketing and anything else that makes creating great tattoos and permanent make up easier for our artists. We really put our artists first before everything.

There was an old dairy commercial years ago, it mentioned how good cheese comes from happy cows… and we believe the same about tattoos and art in general.

We hope this studio and gallery is a place where Tucsonans can come for decades to come to see great local art, and treat themselves to an atmosphere that creates some really special tattoos!