A Little About Us…

David Meek – Owner

David has been tattooing since 2007 in Tucson Arizona. He started his apprenticeship in 2005 at The Tattoo Shop in Tucson and has worked with some amazing tattooers all over the country over the last 15 years. He is one of the most popular tattoo artists in Tucson and books 6+ months in advance.

David specializes in realistic large scale Black and Grey tattoos, portrait work and pop culture/Disney character pieces.

Known for his love of Walt Disney history and the creation of the entertainment empire, you can seriously ask him something about Walt and he will blow you away with the obscure things he knows!

David’s current rate is $250/hr.

Karolina Reyes – David’s Apprentice

Karolina (she/her) is a local artist who’s desire to deepen her work within the artistic community of Tucson led her to Art and Sol Tattoo. Rooted in a long standing traditional painting & drawing studio practice, Karolina hopes to learn how to translate two dimensional art onto the three dimensional form.

As Karolina continues to progress in her tattoo apprenticeship, she is now accepting custom, palm size tattoos as well as tattoos from her original flash sheets!

She is currently excited to design and tattoo, flowers, plants, hands holding things, silly little things wearing silly little hats and whatever else your heart desires!

Outside of her pursuit of becoming a tattooer, Karolina is a new mom and co-owner of Good Things Tucson.

Karolina’s current rate is $100/hr.

Ashley Hart – Resident Artist

Ashley Hart has been tattooing professionally for over five years. She loves the use of color in her work and specializes in custom Neo-traditional pieces or anything witchy.

After a lifetime of art being the driving force behind her creative expression, Ashley is a great artist to create a one of a kind tattoo bursting with color. Whether it be your favorite anime character or a witchy custom tattoo, Ashley would love to come up with a special idea for your piece.

Outside of tattooing, Ashley also enjoys creating unique paintings ranging from surrealist to more realistic or illustrative works of art. Often times mixing media and genres to create her own style which offer a sense of catharsis. She also has a love for crystals and anything magical and all sorts of arts and crafts.

Ashley’s current rate is $150/hr.

Molly Faith – Seasonal Artist


Starting a new chapter is always challenging, as it begins by ending one. As I sit here today to share with you this very big decision I’ve made for myself, my heart is filled with immense gratitude and pride that I simply have the privilege to call myself an artist! My entire life I’ve known that my purpose is to share the stories of others through art and I want to thank YOU for allowing me to fulfill this dream. It is bittersweet for me to announce that coming this June, I will be moving to Michigan part-time. I will be returning for the months of January through April of 2023 and will still be available to work with clients at Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery during those months. 

Johnna Meek – Director of Heart

Johnna has been working behind the scenes of the tattoo industry for nearly 13 years supporting David’s passion for traveling, shenanigans and producing exceptional tattoos.

Opening Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery with her husband has been one of her proudest ventures as it has allowed her to finally work face to face with local artists, customers and tattooers alike.

A registered yoga instructor at 500 hours, when Johnna isn’t sitting behind our front desk juggling hats or wandering about the exceptionally clean studio without shoes, you can find her teaching yoga or attending a public class at YogaOasis.

Anna Dougherty – Studio Assistant

Anna is a creature of habit, hopeless book junkie, Disney nerd girl, and daughter of the universe, wholeheartedly believing that happiness lies in how much you’re willing to give of yourself to others in need. She has worn many hats over the years from wife, mother and military spouse to paraprofessional, volunteer non profit manager, to behavior therapist, but each new adventure in her life has stemmed from a need to give back to this shared community of ours.

She was drawn to Art and Sol because we have created an artistic space with no boundaries or judgement, and she appreciates our “all are welcome” vibe. She looks forward to being part of our tattoo family!