Tattooing By Appointment Only
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Our artists and support staff at Art and Sol Tattoo work together to create an experience that is as unique as the artwork on your skin. We work diligently with you every step of the way from your initial consultation, tattoo design research, tattoo procedure and aftercare instructions, all the way through your follow up appointments.

Established in 2019, owner and lead tattooer David Meek, wanted to cultivate something more than just another “tattoo shop”. A tattooer in Tucson for 17 years, missing countless family dinners, birthday parties and special events with his wife and daughter, David felt that tattooing was in need of a studio that actually helped support and sustain local tattooers . The support staff at the studio handles all of the client/artist communication and scheduling, leaving time for the artists to focus on what they do best…. creating artwork!

The upscale atmosphere at Art and Sol Tattoo is inviting and sophisticated yet never intimidating or stuffy. We honor our clients and artists time, working by appointment only. This mean there is no “walk-in” traffic and your appointment will never be interrupted or rushed. We do accept same day appointments, schedule permitting.

Located in the Fort Lowell Arts District:
2921 East Fort Lowell Road Suite 103
Tucson, Arizona 85716

Call/Text 520.314.7358


Art and Sol Tattoo does not take walkins but there is always an opportunity to book a same day appointment by calling the studio. 520-314-7358

If you have already found the tattoo artist you’d like to work with thats fantastic! But if you’re unsure which artist may be right for you , fear not, you can text or email your ideas to or 520-314-7358 and our trained tattoo support staff will find the right artist for your tattoo

For custom tattoos, each artist requires a consultation along with a deposit before any appointments can be made.

At the consultation, you and your artist will have 30 minutes of focused attention on your project. Some shops like to have complex forms or try to squeeze you in for consultations between appointments, but our focused attention method has led us to be one of the highest rated shops in Tucson for the last 5 years.

During your consultation, your artist will ask you many questions about the tattoo, the story you might want to tell, or the meaning behind it, so they can better understand what your tattoo will truly need. They may even draw on you at this time to help create a visual flow and general composition. This ensures that both of you are on the same page. This is your chance to add any details you want them to know about (keep in mind, your artist may not be able to fit every idea into 1 tattoo), any budget limits you might like to stay within for this tattoo, the sizing you’d like, as well as the location on the body.


Once you and your artist are on the same tattoo page and after signing the consultation agreement, you will leave your deposit and book out as many appointments you and your artist will need to complete the tattoo. This is a very exciting time and you should be leaving with a very good idea of what the finished tattoo will look like. NO Surprises on your appointment day. IF FOR SOME REASON, YOU ARE NOT EXCITED ABOUT THE TATTOO IDEAS, THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO MOVE FORWARD.

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Getting a large tattoo? Half Sleeve Tattoos, Full Sleeve Tattoos, Leg Sleeve Tattoos, Back Piece Tattoos?

We offer a 5% discount to our clients that use PayPal Pay Later for their large scale tattoo. Our front desk staff can walk you through the whole process and make sure your new tattoo price is reflected immediately!

See what our clients say about us!

Ashley is so talented and sweet

” I found Art and Sol when they featured one of my favorite local artists. The hallway was beautifully curated and the tattoo studio was classy. I followed them on IG and made an appointment with Ashley Heart. Now we’re in the process of finishing a custom sleeve and I’ve loved every moment. The team is wonderful, the vibe is great, Ashley is so talented and sweet. She’s the best!”

The only artist I want for the rest of my life

“Terry is the greatest tattoo artist I could ever ask for he is super passionate and he has been from the start I’m constantly expanding my tattoo and hejust rolls with the punches and now 98% of my arm is covered In tattoos and it’s 100% because he was passionate about giving me the best tattoo he’s the only artist I want for the rest of my life that’s a big deal at this shop because all of the artist there are super hilarious people to be around they’ll have you laughing thru the most painful tattoos”

David Meek and long time client Tod. Tod flies in from Alaska to see David every year or so. They’ve been working together since 2007!

What to do before your consultation… 5 tips for a great tattoo consultation

You found Art and Sol Tattoo for a reason. Its quite possible our 5 star reputation may have been a factor. We know our success comes from how thorough we are with our consultation process, and the trust that we build with our clients. Below, you’ll find our top 5 tips for making sure you and our tattoo artists have the best tattoo consultation.

Make sure you are working with the correct tattoo artist. Not all artists are created equal. Some artists prefer to work in black and grey (David) while others prefer bright vibrant color (Ashley). If you know you want a bright and colorful lotus flower, its best to book with a tattoo artist that does that kind of work. If you aren’t sure which artist might be the best to book with, shoot us a text with your ideas and we will do everything we can to put you with the best tattoo artist for the project. Text or email us at 520-314-7358 or

Have a good idea of what and where you want to get tattooed. It doesn’t have to be a great idea, but at least a good one. What does this even mean? Well, do you want to get your arm tattooed? Or you leg? Do you want to get something tattooed on you for your kids? Or is about your faith? Sometimes clients will come in and want to put every idea they have into a small tattoo on their wrist, and halfway through our in depth consultation, we find out they really want a tattoo of their kids birth flowers as a half sleeve. Take some time to find out what you would like to see, and what you would like to share. We’ve even seen clients that want an entire sleeve, but again, they want to put every idea into 1 part of the sleeve. We are here for you no matter what, but taking some time to decide what and where you want to get tattooed can help everyone out!

Have references ready. This seems obvious but its easily overlooked. Your artist is very good at what they do, but they are really bad about reading minds. So if you have come across photos of tattoos that you like, please share them. Reference photos can include photography, illustrations, fine art paintings, tattoos your artist has done, and even your own personal doodles. We know you probably can’t draw a stick figures, but a quick doodle can help your artist tremendously.

Be Flexible. Theres a saying in the tattoo world. Great ideas, don’t always make great tattoos. There are so many limitations that tattoos have that other artforms do not. Size is a big one. We can’t always put every bit of detail into a tiny wrist tattoo. Being flexible will allow your artist to give you the best tattoo they possibly can without making it too busy or complicated. With portraits, sometimes your favorite photo may have been taken too far away at a weird angle. While the photo may be packed with meaning, it won’t help when making a great tattoo.

Trust that your artist wants whats best. We take so many things into consideration when it comes to making your tattoo. For us, its not about making a quick buck. Its about making the best tattoos we can for our clients. We do this, so you can go out in the world proud of your tattoo and excited to tell everyone about your artist and your experience. We are here for the long game. It does us no good, and goes against our shop culture to give you anything but our honest best. Thats why we’ve outlined our entire process for you. So you can know exactly how we operate before you get here. Your trust is that important to us.

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