What the heck is Tucson Day?

Tucson Day is a day for Tucson.

It occurs on May 20th which is also known as 5/20 and our area code is coincidentally 520… Hence Tucson Day. I guess it could be Pima County Day but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

My elevator pitch for Tucson Day is simple.

Think of it as “Small Business Saturday” during the holiday season but specifically for Tucson small businesses/creators/artists on a day that is completely unique to us.

We can offer drink specials at breweries, coffee shops and taprooms. Or host musicians or artists in our galleries with special offers. Discounts on menu items or specialty menu items for restaurants, you name it. Whatever deals you want to offer the community is up to you!

BUT… the bigger picture, is we all donate a small % from the day to a local children’s charity.

We all get a little boost and we all give a boost to our future!

I’m starting the the planning now and will be reaching out to everyone that wants to participate in Tucson Day in the coming weeks to answer any questions you may have and fill you in on the details regarding promotions, advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

All you have to do is reply to the email I sent you and I’ll add you to my list of participating businesses/artists/creators/musicians.

I would absolutely love it if you and all of my other favorite Tucson folks would join me on May 20th 2022 and every year in the future!

With all the Tucson Love

David Meek

Art and Sol Tattoo