Tattoo Artist

Do you wish you could focus more of your time on tattooing?

Do you hate being a social media expert, accountant, self promoter, receptionist, booking coordinator, inventory manager, customer service representative all at the same time?

Would it be great to be part of a shop that gives a crap about its artists, clients and creating an impact?

If this sounds like you, we’ve got your perfect studio!

This is the right studio for an artist looking for a place to focus on specializing. In fact, thats why we refer to all of our artists as Specialists. We are looking for artists that want a structured environment that respects everyones most precious resource TIME.

Art and Sol is not for someone that wants the same B.S. you can get at every other street shop. We are 100% appointment only. Every appointment requires a detailed consultation so our clients as well as our artists are on the same page from day 1. No walkins, no guess work, no misunderstandings on artwork. We are organized and efficient so you can focus on what you do best…TATTOO!

If this sounds good to you, come join us!

Who are we and what do we do?

We’re Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery , and our mission is to create a unique space for tattoo artists to focus their attention and time on their tattooing, giving clients a memorable experience in the process. Our success in this, allows us to impact the world by supporting the Rosa Vera Fund which supports children and families in need of medical care in Bolivia.

The problem, for some tattoo artists, is they have so many jobs aside from tattooing. Promoting on social media, client booking, rescheduling and any other appointment related issues, ordering supplies and on and on. It can be painful and aggravating for a person that just wants to make art. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for tattoo artists to work with the clients they want, on the projects they want.

We have multiple ways we help tattoo artists do this. We promote and post regularly on social media to boost artists work, we handle all booking and rescheduling so our artist have boundaries with their clients, we handle all disposable supplies so you never run out, we design our work week to allow artists to create with full focus instead of squeezing in consultations mid tattoo.

Why Our Studio Matters

Our studio started when a frustrated tattoo artist wanted a studio that worked for them. Too many studios want a percentage of the work YOU create, and in return, you get to be your own marketing department, or wait for a walkin client, pay for your own supplies, and schedule your appointments when you could be home with your family. It is a frustrating process when all you want to do is draw and tattoo. So we solved the problem.

Our studio became an amazing success and we realized the world is filled with overwhelmed tattoo artists – talented artists that could be booked months out, but can’t because the extra workload is too painful.

Our resident artists are booked out months in advance doing the type of tattoos they want to do, on clients that they want to work with, charging what they are worth. And when they aren’t prepping artwork or tattooing, they are living their lives outside of the studio, knowing that we are here to support them! And thats why Art and Sol exists.

Our process has been in effect since 2018, and we are growing fast. Our goal is to have multiple locations that allow all tattoo artists to grow and focus on their passions inside and outside of the studios.

If we do that, we’ll help create thousands of pieces of beautiful art that enhance the lives of the collectors as well as the creators. Thats really exciting to us.

What its like being a part of Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery

We are a family. We care about each other. Plain and simple. We are there for one another when tough times fall upon one of our own. We are a tribe that cares about the artwork we create and the experience we create for our guests.

Our 140+ 5 star Google reviews prove that we deliver on this every day.

We are here to work together for something bigger than our studio.

Our studio supports a pediatric clinic in Montero Bolivia serving the underprivileged families and children throughout the country reducing morbidity/mortality rates.

You can learn more about our support of the Rosa Vera Fund Here

Are you in? Heres the details:

Location: Tucson, AZ

Role: Resident Artist

Character Traits and Skills

Here is a list of traits we think are necessary in our studio

Organized and task oriented. You’re able to keep all of your clients important info filed correctly as well as take detailed notes on every project. Filling out consultation forms, daily tattoo project forms and following our scheduling procedures are vital.

Optimistic and Positive. We believe that having a great attitude is crucial! If you are naturally optimistic and positive then there is no way we can let ourselves and our clients down.

Excellent Communicator. The ability to communicate your ideas is very important to us. Being heard is not the same as being understood, and every client we meet might need a different approach. You can’t speak English loudly while traveling abroad.

Creativity. This one seems obvious but we might as well include it. Being able to think outside of the box, or inside the box, or even half in and half out, is necessary in bringing your ideas to your clients.

Time Management. The one thing we have in limited quantity is time. It’s so important that we manage our time so we can respect everyones time, including your own. Our team and clients are sharing their most valuable asset with us so keeping our time under control shows everyone that we care about them.

Commission Rates and Benefits

Commission. 50%-70% to the artist

We are closed for all major holidays and every Sunday and Monday.

Shop dinners and events

Booking staff responsible for all inbound and outbound client communication / Front desk client reception

All disposable supplies

Upscale appointment only environment

Ready to Apply?

Complete the application by clicking the “Apply Here” button below.

We will be in touch within 2 weeks of receiving your application. We won’t leave you hanging.

Please no phone calls to check on your application. We do receive a lot of requests and want to give everyone our full attention.

IMPORTANT BONUS– If you aren’t right for our studio, but you know of the perfect artist, send them this description page.

If we add them to our studio, we’ll give you a $1,000 bonus.

For real, we ask everyone that applies how they heard about us and will totally pay the referrer… and that could be you if you know the perfect artist for Art and Sol!