New Tattoo Apprentices

Well, not exactly. We hope they become apprentices but for now they are just helping out around the shop.

This is an important part of the process. It allows both the mentor and the mentee to get used to each other. To learn what working in a tattoo shop entails. To see if it fits well for all parties.

I think we are off to a great start with these new shop helpers. They are very talented artists in their own right, and are both currently on display in the gallery portion of our shop!

Heres a little welcome greeting from them.

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Hello Art and Sol Family!
My name is Phoebe. I am a painter, fiber artist, and zine-maker from Cottonwood, Arizona. It’s
my third year in Tucson, and I’ve come to love the desert here (especially during this beautiful
monsoon season!)
I’ve been helping out David, Johnna, and Molly for about a week now at Art and Sol. In this
short time, I’ve already seen the skill and talent of these artists shine in an atmosphere of
compassion, care, and dedication to art. I am very happy to be a part of Art and Sol, a tattoo
gallery that shares my values. This week I had the opportunity to hang my work in the gallery
alongside paintings and drawings by Karolina. Her work inspires me to create in new ways. This
is something I love about Art and Sol—being surrounded by other artists with diverse aesthetics
and skill sets is powerful and encouraging.
I look forward to learning more from David, Molly, and Karolina, and I look forward to meeting
you all during your next appointment!
Phoebe Blake

“My name is Karolina Reyes and I’m a local creative with a practice which entails both painting and drawing (digital, and traditional)! I moved back to Tucson last year after a short stint on the East coast, but I’ve always considered Tucson home.Outside the shop, I am part of an arts collective and work in the non-profit sector, both being areas where I focus on growing community connections. 
In the short time I’ve been helping out around the shop, I’ve been immensely inspired by Dave and Molly’s creativity and artistry, and Johnna’s ability to handle all the shop’s needs! I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Phoebe, the other newest member of the Art and Sol family, who brings about a whole different side of the arts as compared to my own. I look forward to growing with Dave, Molly, Johnna, and Phoebe in my adventure with Art and Sol, and meeting all of you at your future appointments!”

Welcome To Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery

Welcome to Tucsons first local focused art gallery and private tattoo studio Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery.

Located just east of Tucson’s famed Winterhaven neighborhood entrance at 2921 E Ft Lowell Rd Tucson Az 85716

The Gallery hall at Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery

Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery features a new local artist in our gallery hall every month. At the beginning of each month we host an open house style reception for the entire Tucson community to come see our studio/gallery and meet the featured artist as well as our resident tattoo artists. You can expect to meet many wonderful people that support the local arts of Tucson and enjoy refreshments and snacks that reflect the artists themselves as well as local breweries, bakeries and other businesses.

Private tattoo artist studio at Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery

Our tattoo studio is designed to offer our artists a comfortable environment to produce their best works possible. Our tattoo artists work by appointment only and do require a consultation and deposit before moving forward with any scheduling. This is to ensure you and your tattoo artist are on the same page throughout the entire project. You will know exactly what to expect during the process and they will be able to offer you their undivided attention while you are with them. We respect your time and our tattoo artists time and make sure everyone is treated with respect during the entire process. This may be your one and only tattoo and we want you to have an incredible experience with our tattoo artists from start to finish and beyond. Click here for artist bios and rates.

Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery was created as a place for up and coming Tucson tattoo artists and local Tucson artists to hold space for their works in an environment that is comfortable and inviting to all. Think of it like your local watering hole vs your local brewery. Both offer a similar product but the atmosphere can be drastically different. As a former yoga studio, our gallery and studio has a unique vibe built in.

If you are looking for the best tattoo artists or the best tattoo shop in Tucson, we are happy to meet with you and work with your ideas in a collaborative effort that makes your tattoo special to you with a strength to stand the test of time!

If you’d like to book a tattoo consultation feel free to call or text our shop phone 520-314-7358 or send us an email to

We are always looking for amazing Tucson artists to display in our gallery as well as tattoo artists that are looking to focus on their craft and creativity. If you know of anyone that may be a good fit with our studio or gallery please send us their information or put us in contact however you can!

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