David Meek Consultation Form

Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery is exclusively by appointment. (we do not accept walkin tattoos)
Our artists tend to book out 2 to 6 months in advance at this time.
All Deposits are non refundable and will be applied to the final appointment of your tattoo.
Deposit amounts vary depending on the artist and the particular design you will be working on.
You may reschedule once within 7 days of your appointment without losing your deposit.
Our artists will review each inquiry and determine if they will be able to provide the best possible tattoo for you. If there is reason to believe another artist will be better suited for your idea, we are happy to refer you for the best possible result.

David is typically booked out up to 6 months but does offer a waitlist.

David’s current rate is $220/hr.

David’s standard rate is $600 a session with the average session lasting around 6 hours.

Large projects such as full sleeves may take 4-8 sessions depending on variables such as skin type, size and detail of the tattoo, and other factors not listed here. As this is an artistic project, there is no way to guarantee the exact amount of sessions a tattoo will take upfront as every project and person is unique.

Smaller tattoos require David’s minimum of $220, this will cover up to 1 hour of work. If the tattoo requires time beyond that, each additional hour will be billed at $220 per hour.

David is currently accepting black and grey realistic work only.