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David Meek – Owner

David has been tattooing since 2007 in Tucson Arizona. He started his apprenticeship in 2005 at The Tattoo Shop in Tucson and has worked with some amazing tattooers all over the country over the last 18 years. He is one of the most popular tattoo artists in Tucson and books a few weeks to months in advance.

David specializes in realistic large and small scale Black and Grey tattoos, portrait work, American Traditional, and his own blend of the two he calls “Sonoran Realism”

Known for his love of Walt Disney history and the creation of the entertainment empire, you can seriously ask him something about Walt and he will blow you away with the obscure things he knows!

David prices each tattoo based the size, location, design and the complexity of the piece. Tattoo pricing starts as low as $150.

Justin Winkler – Tattoo Apprentice

Justin moved from Florida to Tucson in 2003 after falling in love with the dry heat and monsoons of the Sonoran Desert. He graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in 2013 and has since been working in the field of design and drawing while rocking out to metal music and the occasional gangster rap/folk tunes. 

A self proclaimed desert rat, Justin and his dog Duke spend their time hiking, backpacking, rock climbing and fishing. When he’s not in Tucson enjoying the outdoors, he’s probably in Florida getting back to his deeply Caucasian roots….. getting a sunburn.

Fascinated with the history and foundation of tattooing, Justin fought his way in the door at Art and Sol Tattoo with his impeccable floor sweeping abilities, landing himself an apprenticeship with David in 2022. 

Rate: by the piece starting at $50

Johnna Meek – Director of Heart

Johnna has been working behind the scenes of the tattoo industry for nearly 16 years supporting David’s passion for traveling, shenanigans and producing exceptional tattoos.

Opening Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery with her husband has been one of her proudest ventures as it has allowed her to finally work face to face with local artists, customers and tattooers alike.

A registered yoga instructor at 500 hours, when Johnna isn’t sitting behind our front desk juggling hats or wandering about the exceptionally clean studio without shoes, you can find her teaching yoga or attending a public class at YogaOasis.

Johnna and David also own TraXide Taproom on historic 4th Ave in Tucson Arizona. A local focused taproom serving local Tucson craft beer.

All of our artists take tremendous pride in the work they create for not only our Tucson clients but also those that travel in to see them.

With over 200 5 star Google reviews, Art and Sol Tattoo Gallery is a trusted source for tattoos.

Interested in joining the Art and Sol Family? Fantastic!

Art and Sol Tattoo is primarily an appointment only studio, however, we do accept same day appointments when time permits during our regular business hours (12p-6p)

We offer a large 1500sqft studio with 16 ft ceilings designated lobby/waiting space, a reception area and a gallery hallway. Our backroom is for artists only, where we keep all provided shop supplies (caps, paper towels, ointment, soap, alcohol, drape sheets , coban, markers, gloves, cavacide, machine bags, saran wrap, etc.) along with our thermofax stencil, copy machine, light table and drawing desk.

All stations have toolboxes, stools, Tatsoul client chairs, ring lights, sharps containers, floor protectors.

We offer our artists many options that allow you to grow your business.

Commission percentages 60/40, 70/30

Booth Rent $400 weekly or $1200 monthly

W-2 is commission but the percentages alter slighlty. 53/40 or 65/30 The tax benefits can be discussed in person. But being taxed as a self employed artist at around 37% or as an employee at 17% is quite a difference. ( please discuss the best options with your tax professional)

We are happy to help find what works best for each artist.

We would love to meet any artists looking to grow their skills as well as their business with Art and Sol.

Our shop is perfect for artist that are driven and competitive in the art business. Painting, drawing, tattooing all go hand in hand. Since we are not a walk in shop, attracting clients with your artwork vs cheap deals will allow you to grow the right clientele.

Our shop is not for lazy non motivated artists. We expect all of our artist to take accountability, and responsibility for themselves and their actions. We have no room for victim mentality, complacency, or anything other than responsible adult behavior.

Our clients expect the best from us and we expect the best from each other.

If you are looking for a place to grow your tattoo business with like minded team focused artists. Please reach out and come meet us.

We thrive on open communication and adapting to an ever changing tattoo landscape.

What are you waiting for contact Johnna, our Director of Heart today and set up a time to meet the team.

Email Johnna at artandsoltattoo@gmail.com